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Accounting Trial

Download a FREE 90-day trial of our Accounting software.  After the trial period, simply contact us to purchase a licence.

Existing customers should not use these links to update their licensed software as they will install a trial version which will overwrite and ignore your existing licence.  Instead, go to Accounting Latest Release.

Download: Comprehensive Trial Setup Comprehensive Trial Setup Release: 24/05/2018 11.3 Mb
Download: Setup Trial Accounts Setup Trial Accounts (v7.5.6) Release: 04/03/2016 18.6 Mb
Download: Setup Trial Business Setup Trial Business (v7.5.6) Release: 04/03/2016 18.6 Mb
Download: Setup Trial Commercial Setup Trial Commercial (v7.5.6) Release: 04/03/2016 18.6 Mb
PDF: Getting Started With Prelude.pdf Getting Started With Prelude.pdf   302.3 Kb
PDF: Install Guide.pdf Install Guide.pdf   468.2 Kb

How to download the trial software:

For other file types, such as PDF or Zip files:

The "Getting Started" document explains the system requirements, installation instructions and a simple guide to using the software.  It is not included in the software files and should be downloaded and saved separately.