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Download a free trial of the latest release of our software.

Enter a few contact details and you can download a free trial of the latest release of our software. Simply click the appropriate link below, include a valid email address and an email will be sent to you containing a link from which you can download your trial.

The trial will last for a 90 day period, running from the date the software is installed. After this period, the software will cease to function and you will be required to purchase a licence to reactivate it. All data entered during the trial will remain unharmed.  Some features are disabled in the free trial version - e.g. detailed notes and iXBRL file production.

DO NOT download or install from this page if you are a licensed customer. Your licence details, if you have registered them, will be ignored and features will be restricted.  Instead, download the full version from Final Accounts Latest Release.

Download: Comprehensive Trial Setup Comprehensive Trial Setup Release: 19/12/2017 11.3 Mb
PDF: Getting Started Guide.pdf Getting Started Guide.pdf   290.6 Kb
PDF: Quick Install Guide.pdf Quick Install Guide.pdf   201.5 Kb

How to download the free trial:

For other file types, such as PDF or Zip files:

The "Getting Started" document explains the system requirements, installation instructions and a simple guide to using the software. It is not included in the software files and should be downloaded and saved separately.