Create a Shortcut to Launch Your Cloud Desktop

Use this form to create a file that you can click to launch your Cloud Desktop quickly and easily.

Enter the details below and when you click submit, save the file to your Windows PC or laptop.

Preferred filename
This is the name that the file will be saved and displayed as, e.g. 'Cloud Desktop'
This will have been provided to you.
This will have been provided to you.
This will have been provided to you and is usually in the format 'company.user'. It is always lower case.
Screen size
Select a size that is no larger that your current screen resolution. If you are not sure, use 'Full Screen'.


When you click submit, you will be prompted to save the file to your Windows PC, for example on your desktop. Then, when you double-click this file, your Cloud Desktop will launch and will prompt you for your password.

On first use, you might see a Windows warning message saying 'Do you want to connect?' or similar. This is OK. Check the box labelled 'Don't ask me again' before you connect and Windows won't bother you again.

If your Desktop fails to start as described, create the file again, checking your user details with your documentation.

If it still fails to start, please go to our website and select a suitable support option.