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Payroll Software

Download our Payroll installation and release update files by clicking the links in the table below.

For a FREE 45-day trial, simply download and install the 2019/20 software from the table below.  Contact us any time to purchase a licence.

How to download can depend on the browser being used.  One of the following will usually work:

The "End-of-Year-Guide" and "User Manual" are not included in the installation file and should be downloaded and saved separately.

Before you run your final payroll of the 2018/19 year:

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Release: 08/03/2019


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The 2018/19 release update
must be applied after this is installed


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Creation Date: 24/01/2019


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2018/19 End-Of-Year Guide  


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Payroll Update: Detailed Instructions

There are two steps to follow. The first is a pre-requisite to ensure you have the appropriate settings to save the update to your PC or server. The second is to save the update files.

Ensure the QTAC folder is not marked as 'Read Only'

Install the update